About Us


Hardy Hills Farm is a small family run farm, producing holistically, pasture raised meat and vegetables.

AJ, Alicia and Emily together make up the farm; our primary purpose is Regenerative Agriculture without sacrificing quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce delicious sustainable food while healing the land through regenerative agriculture.

Regenerative Agriculture simply means leaving the land better than the way we found it.  How do we do this?  We believe that the only way to successfully and dramatically improve our environment and reduce greenhouse and carbon emissions is through Agriculture, and specifically through ruminants.  Ruminants (cows, sheep, rabbits, deer, etc.) have evolved over centuries to eat grass, forbs, legumes, leaves, and any other leafy greens.  Throughout this process ruminants and grasses specifically have evolved together in a symbiotic relationship which together is capable or sequestering more carbon in the soil than any other process while adding to the soils organic matter and increasing water retention.

What does this mean?  When the soil sequesters carbon that means that it pulls it out of the air we breath and puts it to use in the soil.  More organic matter and water retention means no more floods, no more water shortages, increase in aquifers that will last centuries and plants that require less irrigation.

Along with ruminants, we use the wonderful omnivore, which in Nature is the ruminants most valued companion.  Chickens and other birds are Nature’s sanitizers. They scratch, pick out bugs and lightly till the soil’s surface increasing plant diversity while minimizing disease and parasite load.  Pigs are Nature’s land disturbers, they utilize undesirable land by rooting it up and depositing nutrients which wakes up dormant seeds and fungi so that allows them to grow and flourish revitalizing the area.

Trees! We love to plant trees.  We believe that a balanced ecosystem consists of multiple stories of plant diversity.  This includes high canopy trees, medium canopy trees, low canopy trees and shrubs, bushes, vines, grasses, legumes, forbs, roots and fungi.  We plant all of these throughout the farm to create a more symbiotic functioning ecosystem.  In doing so we do are part in reducing de-forestation and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions, making a happier environment for us and our animals.

As a farmer our roles should expand far past producing food for the masses, into the realm of land nurturers.  As we control most of the arable land in the world, farmers need to take it upon themselves to create a better planet.  Most of the world’s environmental problems are caused by Agriculture over the centuries, due to mismanagement and profit driven goals. Instead, Agriculture is the number one weapon  against climate change and environmental degradation.  Through a change in the way Agriculture is performed and executed, positive change can happen.

So in closing, we would ask you to support your local farmers who put land and environment  before profit, who heal the land instead of degrading it.  As consumers you have all the power, you ultimately decide what farmers do through your support. Ask questions, hold farmers responsible for their actions.  Make the World a better place.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and learn why we got into Agriculture.

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