Buying Club

Our Buying Club is a way for our customers to receive our products outside of Farmers Markets and On-Farm purchases.  We have set drop-off locations where you will be able to pick up your order, payment will be cash, check or e-transfers.  We offer service in Kamloops, Vernon, Kelowna, Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver.  Deliveries will vary by location from biweekly, monthly or quarterly.  Drop off sites are listed below and home delivery is an option for an additional charge based on your location (min $5).  Drop off times will be between 10:00am and 1:00pm, each drops specific times will be given once all orders have been received and confirmed on Friday in case any drop sites are not needed.  Home deliveries will also be scheduled the day before.

Order Here

Use the order form, or phone in your order; once we receive your order we will confirm our stock and send you a invoice for confirmation.  Once confirmed, your order will be packed and ready for pick up.  You can pay via e-transfer or at the drop-off with cash or check.

All orders must be in 2 days prior to the delivery date.

For orders to locations not mentioned below, please contact us!

Kamloops Drop Off Schedule and Locations

April 4

Valley View
Valley View Community Hall Parking Lot

Upper Sahali
South Sahali Elementary School Parking Lot

City Centre
200 Block St. Paul in front of Stuart Wood Elementary

North Shore
Kamloops Christian School

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