Grass Fed Lamb


Our sheep differ from most lamb you find in the Super Market, because they are a hair variety, which means they do not have a wool coat all year round, they naturally shed it off in the warmer months. Because of this hair sheep do not produce lanolin or the same amount of fat as wool breeds.  This results in a leaner more gourmet style lamb that is rich in flavour without the gamey taste commonly associated with lamb.  The sheep spend all of Spring through Fall on pasture and are fed quality hay during the Winter.  We choose not to feed grain to our sheep which is quite uncommon.  This (similar to our beef) is because sheep are a herbivores and were designed by nature to eat green leafy material.  We believe because of this you get a darker meat filled with higher Omega 3 fatty acids, balanced Omega 3/6 ratios, more micro-nutrients and higher CLA’s (Conjugated linoleic acid).

Whole Lamb –  $12.00/lb retail weight (approx 42 lbs)

Half Lamb – $12.50/lb retail weight (approx 21 lbs)


Rack of Lamb – $27.50/lb

Lamb Shanks – $10.00/lb

Shoulder Steaks – $18.00/lb

Leg Roasts – $16.00/lb

Shoulder Roast – $12.00/lb

Loin Chops – $20.00/lb

Organs (Liver, kidney and heart) – $5.00/lb

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(prices subject to change without notice)

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