Pasture Raised Pork


Pigs raised on pasture, are free to roam and do what a pig does best and that is root for food.  Once weaned, our pigs are on pasture 100% of the time from Spring through Fall, in the Winter they are given fresh straw and hay along with fruit and vegetables we pick up from local groceries and food banks.  Along with free choice pasture, they are given a GMO-free grain ration.

Why Pastured Pork?

Pork raised on pasture, is healthier due to the constant fresh air, fresh forage and sunshine. Our Pigs are never confined and are free to roam as the wish. Pasture raised pork is known to be higher in Vitamin A, D and E as well as high in micro-nutrients because of this.  Also unlike conventional pork raised in confinement, this diverse healthy diet provides the pork with a rich, layer of fat which is a mono-unsaturated fat similar to that of avocados and olive oil.  It is also higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and has a more balanced Omega 3/6 fatty acid ratio.  But most importantly, this provides the pigs with a wonderful quality of life, free from stress and rich in what makes a pig a pig.

Bulk Pork

(all pricing is based on hanging weight)

Whole – $3.00/lb

Half – $3.25/lb

Additional Fees:
$25/animal for trucking, shipping and storage
$80/animal for slaughter and hog tax
$1.00/lb for cutting, wrapping, and freezing

Final cost does not include:
Smoking/curing: $1.75/lb
Fresh sausage: $2.75/lb

Take home weight is approximately 65% of the hanging weight
$100 non-refundable deposit required
Next processing date is end of June, 2020

Email to Order


Pork Chops – $8.50/lb

Shoulder (Butt) Roast – $8.00/lb

Picnic Roast – $7.00/lb

Ham – $8.00/lb

Spare Ribs – $7.00/lb

Baby Back Ribs – $8.00/lb

Bacon – $12.00/lb

Bratwurst – $9.00/lb

Italian Sausage (mild and spicy) – $9.00/lb

(all prices subject to change without notice)

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